Team Building Exercise for Conflict Resolution

Team-Building Exercise     1

Team-Building Exercise for Conflict Resolution
Chariti Luttrell
Business 610 Organizational Behavior
Instructor Kathryn King-Metters
October 24, 2011

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Team-Building Exercise for Conflict Resolution
Conflict resolution exercises in a team resolves negative conflict as well as benefits the team. “A common goal of the team is to form a vision or mission statements between their peers” (Easy in Management, (2009), para.1) which will be part of the training process upon introduction into the business or organization. Once the mission statement is established, a sense of unity will be recognized among team members and a team leader can be assigned. “Working through a conflict can also help all those involved to get to the next stage of development in “self-awareness, team building, and productivity.” (Cottringer, W., (2006), para.11).   It is important to not avoid conflict and provide steps in conflict management for the employee to follow to have a positive outcome.
First of all, a team has many advantages over an individual because of the vast array of cultural and diverse resources. It is important for the group to pull together and establish a leader in order to brainstorm different ideas to resolve conflict in different areas such as “integrating, obliging, dominating, avoiding, and compromising.” (Kinicki, A., Kreitner, R.  (2009) p. 317). Having these problem solving skills is key to being successful so that they can become a part of day to day interactions and not be secondary.
  In addition, the primary goals of the company should be introduced and agreed upon by the team players by the leader. A well informed leader should know the difference between a well informed decision by the group and should not be led on by peer pressure or mindguards which are “self appointed protectors against...