Conflict Resolution

1. For this assignment I chose the video clip from The Office, “Conflict Resolution”
In this clip a work colleague named Jim plays a practical joke on his coworker Dwight by placing his stapler in a Jell-O mold. Apparently this is not the first time Jim has captured Dwight’s belongings and placed them in Jell-O. The aspect of conflict I’d like to address is the history of harassment between the two men.

2. The type of conflict in play during this video clip is Déjà vu, which means the conflict follows a predictable and repeated pattern. In this clip Dwight states, “That’s the third time, and it wasn’t funny the other two times.” This clearly shows that Jim has a repeated pattern for harassing Dwight.

3. In my opinion this situation demonstrated both “a personality clash” and “a power struggle”. Dwight references things being too relaxed at the office and being a volunteer Sherriff’s Deputy on the weekends, both of these comments give me the impression he feels a need for control and power. Jim’s behavior is threatening to Dwight because it humiliates him and he feels powerless.

Jim on the other hand is very laid back and I believe his motivation was to have a little fun and break up the monotony of their work environment. Therefore I draw the conclusion that from Jim’s perspective it was a way to lighten his mood and the two coworkers obviously have a major “personality clash”.

4. Jim’s boss Michael chose the method of “skirting” or using humor to avoid dealing with the conflict.

5. The setting in this office is one of low power-distance cultures; so Dwight feels comfortable demanding his boss Michael handle the problem and discipline Jim. Michael mocks Dwight and ends up skirting the issue by laughing at an insulting apology Jim makes that contains a sarcastic remark. Another co-worker joins in on the fun and Jim is totally ignored. In no way was the conflict resolved and the issue is...