Third Party Approaches to Conflict Resolutions


Third Party Approaches to Conflict Resolutions

Professor Pearlie Bush

June 17, 2011


Tonya is a seasoned manager working in the Securities Financial Management business unit at MetLife Insurance Company.   She started out with the company as a Jr. Securities Analyst and worked her way up.   Tonya has just learned that a director’s position has become available in the Funds Transfer Unit.   Tonya was thrilled at hearing the news because she saw it as an opportunity for her to possibly get that promotion she has been waiting for.   Jamie, Tonya’s boss and the Vice President of the business unit, had indicated to Tonya during her last performance evaluation that he would look into getting her a promotion but it might mean that she would have to change departments.   Tonya was surprised that Jamie had even considered her written request for a promotion since her and Jamie’s relationship had been strained ever since she reported him to human resources.

A few months prior to her performance evaluation, Tonya had reported Jamie to human resources stating that he is always short and curt with her, twice saying critical things to her in front of other associates and motioning her to be quiet in a meeting with one of Metlife’s consultants even while it was her turn to speak. The bottom line is that Tonya felt as though Jamie did not like nor respect her and feels it would do her good to post for the new directors position in hopes of getting out of Jamie’s department but fears he will stand in the way.   Tonya went to human resources to request help from the director as she did not feel comfortable approaching Jamie herself.   The director reached out to Jamie to discuss Tonya’s concerns.   Jamie was surprised and somewhat put out by Tonya’s concerns but he agreed to a meeting to try to smooth things out.

Literary Review

Third parties work to manage conflict using a variety of styles, techniques and...