Team Conflict Resolution

Does the section in the charter on dispute resolution have enough information? What do you include to provide stronger strategies?

Our team charter did not include a section on dispute resolution. But, it would be to our team's advantage to create some conflict resolution strategies for the team. Working in a team environment can bring about many challenges.   The leading challenge to over come is conflict within the team. Conflict is bound to happen at some point in the team environment. Because our team is composed of different people from different cultures and backgrounds variations become apparent . How the team deals with the conflict will determine the results. The result can have a positive outcome or a negative outcome. A negative outcome accomplishes nothing, therefore we will strive for positive outcomes as a team.
Conflict resolution brings about many challenges. How the team handles the conflict determines the outcome. Because we are in a five week course, it is crucial all conflicts are dealt with in a positive way. This will ensure the conflict is resolved so the assigned group work can be accomplished on time. The conflict's outcome depends on how we react to the problem and handle the conflict. It is important to be constructive in solving the conflict. A conflict can arise when two team members can't agree or don't see eye to eye. These disagreements can cause distractions within the team. Distractions causes inefficiency within the group.
Since conflicts are bound to happen within the team. It is key to handle them positively and learn from them. Conflicts can create new ideas. They can make teams see things in a whole new way.   If there wasn't conflict, many things in life would never change. Understanding the different approaches of conflict resolutions, will not only better the team but also teaches how to handle conflict in all aspects of our lives.
There are many different ways we as a team can handle conflict. When handling...