Comp Outline

Compensation Plan Outline
Alivia Brooks
Strayer University

Compensation Management
Professor’s Dr. Horner-Smith
                            August 25, 2015
      Compensation Plan Outline

      In evaluating Wal-Mart’s compensation plans, I knew that I had to first comprehend the mission and the vision of Wal-Mart for me to understand and have clear analysis on their compensation plan. I will take all internal and external factors in to consideration.   I also will take in to thought the company’s history display Also past, present culture, authoritative structure Also practices, vital hiring practices, promotions Furthermore remunerates and the states representatives need aid attempting Previously,.

      Evaluate the existing compensation plan to determine if it is the most appropriate for your company. Explain your rationale.

Wal- Mart is a great symbol for financial success for any company.  It has millions of employees worldwide larger than many companies companied. “Everyday low Prices” Wal-Mart policy is the reason Wal-Mart states they are successful. Wal- Mart is able to sell their products at a cheaper price because of their efficient logistics system. Particular case thing Wal-Mart doesn’t openly support regarding may be that the first reason the reason the particular organization need been unable should look after low costs will be its capability on breaking point its overhead costochondritis which incorporate payroll alternately representative recompense. Recompense Also payroll to an organization inhabits a tremendous bit of a company’s overhead costs.

All retail companies like Wal- mart have similar goals, maintaining low prices and controlling their overhead cost like payroll and employee compensation. Wal mart has been able to control the wages and benefits of its employees.  Sam Walton was noted to have remarked that “no matter how you slice it in the retail business, payroll is one of the...