Educational Philosophy Outline and Rationale

Educational Philosophy Outline and Rationale
Philosophies pertaining to education have changed with the influence of cultural and environmental changes throughout the years. In this paper an outline and rationale will describe my personal educational philosophy.   My philosophy will also expand to support the components of the metaphysics, epistemology, axiology, and logic that aided in its development.   My personal mission statement as a future educator will also be included in the paper.   There were several components of the philosophies that I wholeheartedly embraced; while other components were rejected due to my inability to relate to their ideals.
My Personal Philosophy as it Pertains to Education Outline
I. The Educators Responsibility
A. Always maintain that every child has the ability to learn.
              1. Maintain that all children learn at different paces
              2. Provide a stimulating methodology that is muli – layered for to approach broad spectrum of students.
              3. Provide a fun and engaging atmosphere towards learning
B. Ascertain that the child is able to mastery a skill at the given level
C. Procure additional tutorial support for students in need.
D. Maintain a positive regards towards all aspects of teaching
II.   Student and Parents Responsibility
A. Students
          1. Be physically and mentally present
          2. Active participation with the teacher and their peers.

B. Parents
          1.   Team up with the teacher to maintain and active venue of communication that will enable the resolution of any problems or concerns.
          2. Participate in the PTA.
          3. Provide a stable environment for learning in the home.

III. The School Administration and Community Responsibility
A. To actively select and promote a solid curriculum
            1. Built on results that support a broad spectrum of students needs.
            2. That is engaging and filled with manipulative...
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