Outline the Feminist View to Education in Socioety

Outline and evaluate the feminist view on the role of education in society.

For over the past 30 years(approximately), the main focus of feminist educational research-gender inequality, has changed a great deal, however the main focus of the research has actually shifted to a degree, from examining why girls achieve less than boys in education to explaining how girls learn to deal with the range of disadvantages put into place within school.

      Feminists view education as an active cause in secondary socialization, which then helps to forge patriarchy. There are a variety of different types of feminists, e.g. Liberal feminists, Marxists feminists, Radical feminists, Black feminists and Post-feminists. The view of the Liberal feminist is that changes in equal opportunities and education policies will end patriarchy, e.g. The National Curriculum, however putting these rules into place has its own consequences like, people may not be able to achieve to the best of their ability because of primary socialization. This is because their gendered roles are allocated to them stereotypically already at home, which could affect later life in school. The Marxist feminist view is that school, being the hidden curriculum, teaches a gender stereotype to the children, which reinforces the idea that girls are to do well in subjects like home economics, to be able to work at home, and boys are to do subjects like math’s to be able to go out and work to provide for the family. The Radical feminist believe that ‘patriarchy will only end when women are freed from the physical and emotional violence inflicted by men in the classroom and the playground,’ this shows the gender stereotypes again as girls are expected to not be rowdy in the playground and underachieve in many lessons. Post-feminists say that women posses multiple identities so therefore there is no single meaning of what female means, this means that women are still seen as: a wife; a carer; a mother; a lover; a...