Prepare a Report Outlining in Detail the Key Legal Regulatory Issues Which Affect the Hotel and Catering Industry.

Prepare a report outlining in detail the key legal regulatory issues which affect the Hotel and Catering Industry.


There are many Laws which affect the hotel and catering industry. These can be divided into five main sections:

    ❖ Laws that show the rights and obligations of the owner or proprietor
    ❖ Laws that show the rights and obligations of employees
    ❖ Laws that show the rights and obligations of guests and visitors of the hotel
    ❖ Laws that outline health and safety issues within the establishment
    ❖ Laws that concern alcohol and the sale of alcohol

The laws that are in place within the hotel and catering industry are there to protect not owner the owner and employees of the establishment but also any guests or visitors and therefore must be adhered to by all. Laws have been put in place for a reason and therefore by not committing to them an establishment may put someone in danger; therefore most of the laws that affect this sector are strict and strictly monitored to ensure that everyone is complying with them. If an establishment is found to be not following the laws that it should be then it will be punished. The severity of the punishment received and the person that will receive the punishment depends on which law has been broken. The punishment can range from a monetary fine to a prison sentence to the establishment being closed down and in some cases it can be any two of these three things. Depending upon the law that has been broken, depicts if it is the employee, the owner of the hotel or both that is to receive the punishment.

This report will outline five laws that affect the hotel and catering industry, it will look at who is responsible for upholding them and also the punishments received if they are not adhered to correctly.

The Hotel Proprietors Act

This is an act that covers the obligations and rights of the proprietor of the hotel.   This law came into force on the first of May in 1963. It...