Olmec Outline

Michael Luna
World Religions
Period 3
The Olmec
  Human Condition
      The Olmec practiced Shamanism.
      They believe that each individual has an animal spirit.
      The jaguar was a very important figure to the Olmec.
      "To the ancient Indians the jaguar was a symbol of supernatural     forces-not a simple animal, but an ancestor and a god.”
      They thought of the jaguar as a nahual, which is an animal that     is closely related to a man, that if the animal dies, the man     will also die.
      The jaguar can be the symbol of something harmful and dangerous,     although at other times it can be mischievous.
      Spiritual Perfection
      The Olmec were lead by the Shaman.
      The Shaman would communicate to their gods through witchcraft.
      The Shaman would chant to the jaguar deity to try and please     their gods.
      There are some Olmec myths that say that the Shaman would somehow     obtain supernatural powers from the Jaguar.
      Our Destiny
      The Olmec thought the jaguar was sacred because they believed     that the jaguar was a nahual and if the animal was to die then     the man will die.
      Their main was goal was to please their gods by performing     rituals and chant to them.
      Since there is a lack of historic evidence it is hard to determine     the when the Olmec culture started.
      The Olmec brought the first Mesoamerican Empire, whose remains     are still visible.
      The Olmec established the basic themes that continued at     the heart of Mesoamerica cosmological and political thought.
    Cahokia & other Mississippian Cultures
  Human Conditions
      The belief system of Mississippian culture is called Southeastern     Ceremonial Complex or Southern Cult.
      The leader was called “The Great Sun” and was worshiped as     a god.
      The leader would live on the highest mound because they believe     that living high brought them...