Communications and Professional Relationships with Children and Young People

Assessment task - TDA 3.1 Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults.

Area 1 Principles
  * 1.1 - Why is effective communication important
Effective communication is important so that we are able to form positive relationships with children, young people adults. We need to be able to demonstrate and model effective communication skills by considering both how we approach other people and how we respond to them. We are more likely to communicate information if we have a positive relationship, Parents are more likely to give beneficial support if communication is strong and effective. It is important that we model effective communication skills as children learn from us and if we ask children to behave in a particular way when communicating and don't do this ourselves it can lead to confusion of what is expected of them.   If communication is not effective it can lead to misunderstanding, create bad feelings and create a loss of trust.

  * 1.2 - The principles of relationship building.

In any context, the principles of relationship building with children and adults are the same. People in our company should feel comfortable. This hopefully will encourage more effective communications between each party. People are likely to avoid each other if they are suspicious of intention or they do not get along. Communications are subsequently broken down.
Effective communication happens in many different ways and is the key factor in developing relationships with children and adults alike.
To develop a positive relationship with someone we must show them - Respect -
  We should be courteous and actively listen to their opinions and points of view. We should be mindful that adults and children may be from different backgrounds or cultures to our own which may mean they have a different perspective on issues, values and beliefs. We must always acknowledge these views and respect them. Even taking the time to remember names...