Communication and Proffessional Relationships with Children and Young People

1.1explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults.

Effective communication is important with children, young people and adults because it helps us to break down any barriers and aids us to build healthy relationship with children, parents and careers.
  When communicating with children, young people and adults, the first thing I like to apply is my viewpoint, which is “to treat people how you would like to be treated”
  Communication is not just verbal, you can use sign or body language to covey your messages or even send emails, letters or text to keep the communication lines open.
By listening to what people tell you and reading their body language, you can adjust your communication skills to adapt to their needs. I.e. when talking to a child, talk in a nice calm and collective manner, so that the child feels safe to ask questions freely and approach you for advice. When a child, young person or adult feels safe and secure, everybody will feel a lot happier in the school environment and you’re more likely to have a successful relationship.
I have been working with a Russian boy age 5. I have worked with him a handful of times so far this term. He has been living in England for a year now and seems to be adjusting well. He is a very bright boy and although he can’t grasp every word you say he seems to have a good overall understanding and has a great advantage at this age to learn to speak a second language as well as keeping his native language.
      He is settling well in class now although he is a little withdrawn at times especially play.
He does try and socialize with his class mates and we encourage other children to play with him, but sometimes verbal communication is a barrier. The children don’t seem to use much sign to interact with each other from what I can tell.
He is taking out of class every day for a smaller session for extra support and I have been...