Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults

Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults

1.1 Describe how to establish respectful, professional relationships with children and young people

It is very important to maintain a good professional relationship with both young people and adults. To do this, ground rules need to be established and you need to let people know what you expect of them. You would have to show you are approachable and demonstrate good listening skills. You can do this by showing you are actively listening this it shows that whomever you are talking too that you value their opinion young or old. If you do not demonstrate this you may give the impression that you are unapproachable.

1.2 Describe with examples how to behave appropriately for a child or young persons stage of development

You have to set an example to the age group you are working with, if this is in a nursery you have to be able to communicate on a level that they understand as they are still developing their communication and listening skills. Some of the skills that you can use to communicate with children for example, get down to their eye level when talking to them, Don’t over complicate instructions, make sure that they always understand your instructions and if they don’t try explaining them differently and always have patience. As children become young people their communication and listening skills will have improved. This means that they will be able to follow more complex instructions and will already have some idea of what is expected of them, but it is always good to establish ground rules and what you expect of them. Although they should be used to waiting for their turn whether it is to speak out in class or in a queue, you may sometime have to remind them to wait their turn. As young people become older you can start talking to them in a more a grown up fashion. They will be able to sit for far longer than children and understand longer and harder...