Business Communication Trends

Business Communication Trends
          By: Nicole Bavone
          University of Phoenix

        Business communication takes place in many day-to-day activities in my previous activities at work. The trends I have seen in my previous workplace are technology changes, a focus on quality and customers’ needs, and teamwork. The messages sent from the trends positive and negative messages. Communication.
    In sales, the newer the technology usually the better because anytime you can access more information for the customer or the primary audience the better, this is the case most of the time. When starting with the company, all sales representatives were issued a piece of technology called a tell-son. It was a device that the representative would key in the customers’ orders in by item number and them connect the device to a telephone and dial into the organization.
    The organization had a department that accepted all the orders into the warehouse and looked the orders over. The department would call the representative if something looked out of ordinary. An out of the ordinary situation would be a regular customer usually orders 1 case a week of a specific item and now there was an order put in for 20 cases. All messages that need to given to the sales representatives was done through voice mail. The entire sales representative had office voice mails and the supervisors would leave group messages to the entire sales team.
    The Tel-son device worked for a few years but soon the new technology arrived, laptops. The new software program on the laptop enabled the organization to save a lot of time and money. The laptops sent a message that the organization was focusing on quality and customers’ needs. The representative was able to tell the customer face to face if there was any out of stocks on items and when the out of stocks were scheduled to be received in the warehouse, the total of the order, the ship date, the code date, and any special...