Club It Part 2

Club IT Part Two
Tracy Donlon
Steve Rubin
August 09, 2010

Club IT under the management of Ruben and Lisa have become successful, to keep that success from turning around the managers need to update how they handle business and manage their customers, although Ruben and Lisa have created a website it is lacking a more professional look and a way for customers to interact with it and the staff or owners.
One of the problems identified is the way the Internet is accessed, although they are saving money by using a dial up service, it lacks the speed necessary to communicate with suppliers, or run credit cards at the same time, installation of a second line could be a solution for this problem but costs would increase, using a high speed Internet service would give them more options on planning website, communicating with customers and suppliers, without giving up the main line to take reservations or answer questions from their customers.   Using a dial up service would limit upgrades and participation in video conferencing or online gaming.   A   High speed service would increase the chances of upgrading a new IT System making Club IT run more efficiently.   Another problem is that the use of informational resources like the Internet to help with purchasing of supplies or making payments to suppliers for goods services already purchased, this also helps with tracking employees and their benefits, the employees can use it to track schedules, medical or insurance forms, news and the company’s policy. A CRM program would be a viable option to help with staff members better understand their customers and form individualized relationships with customers, giving better customer satisfaction and maximize profits (Rainer & Turban, 2008).
A second problem is that their computer programs need upgrading, by upgrading the programs they will create additional services for their functional areas of the business and let their customers use all the electronic...