Club It Part 2

Club IT Part Two
Club IT is a downtown music night club owned and managed by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. Like many other business owners, Lisa and Ruben wanted their business to thrive in today’s market and realized information technology would aid them in doing so. Since Club IT is still a new and upcoming business they have not had the opportunity to develop the resources they need to expand the business and better serve their customers.
After many hours of review and discussion, three business problems were identified. First, the computer hardware and Internet need to be updated immediately. The owners of the club also need to update and improve the company website. Another way they should upgrade their business is by working on their e-commerce. By integrating these three new solutions Club IT will see a more effective internal operations force, improvement in employee and customer communication, and an increase in sales.
One of the business problems with Club IT’s information technology is its internet connection. Currently, Club IT operates using a dial-up connection. Dial-up connections are less expensive when compared to high speed internet connections, but dial up connections require an active phone line. If one is using the phone line to make a phone call or send a fax, the internet cannot be used until the current user is completed. Also if they are processing credit cards, customers can not call into the club. This also means the customers have to wait extended periods for the employees at Club IT to process their credit card purchases. This can severely affect the customer relationship management (CRM). Another issue with Club IT having a dial-up connection is that it limits the business that can be conducted online. In today’s business world, everything is done over a high speed connection including phone conferences, scanning and emailing documents.
Having a high speed internet connection can go a long way when improving the company website. The...