Club It Part 1

Club IT, Part One
Larry James
University of Phoenix
Oct. 11, 2010
Shaun vanBergen

Club IT, Part One
Club IT is a night club that is owned and managed by Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys. This night club has a 600 square foot dance floor, live bands, DJ that uses MP3 playlist for a variety of music, and also has a food menu. Lisa and Ruben just did some remodeling on the club and it seems to be paying off. However they are still having some problems with their information management and they want a full analysis on this. So that they can keep their dream of owning popular money making night club. As their new hired intern I will help them with their information management system to better sales, target marketing, and their data management.
The mission of Club IT is, “we, Ruben and Lisa, offer you live music, DJ’s, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT.” (Rainer and Turban, 2008). Club IT also wants customers to stay happy so they will continue to keep coming back there with their friends and family. Club IT’s primary clientele are local middle age people, vacationers, and visiting business representatives. Other businesses that are located near Club IT will bring in other customers of legal limit being single or as a couple. These customers will come in to Club IT for a fun time, listen to music, a drink or two, or maybe a quick bite to eat.
The information resources are an important role to Club IT. Some of the internet resources Club IT offers are what types of bands they will have playing, a menu to show the different food and drinks that they offer, and merchandise that can be purchased. Some of the responsibilities that Club IT’s information technology department are responsible to manage are; all sales of the products sold over the internet website, changing any information about the music being played, changing any information needed to their...