Club It - Part One

Club IT
Club IT is a downtown music and dance club venue providing limited food fare and liquor for customers.   Owners Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada both graduates in Business Administration followed their dream to open a night club that would cater to different types of music.   Both owners sustained their livelihood during their college years as musicians which gave them ample experience in dealing with nightclub operations, music and musicians.   Club IT completed extensive remodeling and hails ceilings and a high energetic light show displays providing an ambiance of liveliness and fun (Axia College, 2010.)   The clubs diverse music schedule features two days of live bands that alternates with a deejay using an MP3 player to play the latest hip-hop, techno and top 40’s music.  
Although the owners have been successful in keeping track of financial and business-related records they have recognized a gap with their information management system.   They have hired me as an intern to obtain a full gap analysis of their informational needs.   As a pre-work to their business objectives, I enjoyed a night out with some friends and visited the club to observe operations and customers.  
In my opinion, a dance club is a business and to be successful should follow a business model, business plan and an integrated computer based information system that would “collect, process, store and analyze” information from all aspects of business of the club (Rainer & Turban, 2008 p. 4.)   A computer based information system (CBIS) is an important part of any business model no matter how small.   The functional areas I see important to Club IT are accounting, finance, operations, marketing and human resources.   I would suggest an ERP (Enterprise Resource planning System) connecting all functional areas via a database and a TPS (Transactional processing system) that monitors the collection of money, the sale of food and liquor and inventory, and membership.   I would further conduct an...