Club It Part One

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Do you find want to find new and exciting ways to improve your business? Let our company show you new exciting ways to improve your business. We can show you new innovating ways to increase your business. You can improve on the products and services that your club has and increase your clientele.
Let’s start with the Club IT schedule, start with one night a week that is teen night. This could be done during the summer time and it could be done on a Wednesday night. Set a cover charge of ten dollars and the club would open at six pm and close by eleven pm and teenagers from the age of sixteen to eighteen would be permitted. Serve only sodas and appetizers for the teenagers and have a DJ that plays all of the latest Hip Hop music that they listen too.
Friday nights would be ladies night and they would drink free from nine to midnight and men would be purchasing all of their drinks this would bring in extra business due to the fact that the club would be packed with ladies.
On Saturday nights the entry fee would be set at one price twenty dollars to enter the club for all you can drink until midnight and then you would charge extra for the food. The club would open early at six pm for an hour of dance lessons and that is an extra fee as well. These steps would help increase revenue.
To improve upon the calendar look at all of the different types of music that is being played each week. Schedule a concert each month with that type of music to cover each genre of music and charge twenty five for the concerts drinks would be extra. Some tickets would be given to the radio station to give out for call in contest and therefore you would also receive publicity for

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the club. Featuring different types of music and different bands will increase the clientele that comes into the club.
Having a dance contest on Saturday night with the merchandise with the club logo on it as prizes will also increase customers and increase the...