Club It Part One

Club IT Part One
Martha Green
University of Phoenix
March 21, 2011
Paul Schwartz

Club IT is a new and upcoming night club. The owners Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada are musicians with degrees in Business Administration, and have decided to make this club a place for all individuals and lifestyles. However, Ruben, and Lisa are having problems with the information system, and needs to find a resolution for the problem (Wiley Higher Education, 2011).
Club IT’s mission is to make everyone feel at home with the music they like and offering them some appetizers to cut down on the affect of the liquor they will be consuming. The clientele is a mix of every type of person. The club offers dance, music, and refreshments that will suit every lifestyle. Club IT is hoping to have a successful business, one that everyone will feel safe, relaxed, and a place that the customer will want to come back (Wiley Higher Education, 2011).
Club IT’s information resources are register receipts that shows the owners what the customers are purchasing. This helps Lisa and Ruben to decide what merchandise needs to be replaced such as the different types of liquor, and the types of appetizers that need to be purchased, and those items that they do not need to be purchased. Another information resource is the employees they can tell the owners what the customers are saying about the club. For example, if the customers like the food or music, if the customers like the atmosphere of the club. The customers may even have some suggestions of items that the club may add to the appetizers like sandwiches, or maybe even some flowers, because we all know that women like to receive flowers. When people are drinking he or she will tend to spend more money than those who are not drinking. Ruben and Lisa could consider having a different type of music every week, or every two weeks instead of every month (Wiley Higher Education, 2011).    
Club IT needs to purchase software called knowledge...