Club It Part One

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Club IT- Part One
Sandra Bettis
December 3, 2010

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Club IT is a new nightclub that is located downtown, owned by Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys. This nightclub has just been remodeled with high ceilings and energy lighting which both Lisa and Ruben are very happy with the results.   Club IT is a place where there is a lot of energy and people can meet to have fun dancing, eat, listen to good music, and relax with some friends. Club It has a small short order kitchen that makes some appetizers and a bar that serves drinks. The club has a variety of music. The club’s schedule is Monday thru Thursday, hiring different DJs to play all types of music like: hip hop, techno, electronica, and some oldies. On Friday and Saturday nights, Club IT has a live band.    
This essay will give a description of Club ITs mission, primary clientele, the difference in roles of IT departments has, hoe they managed their information resources, and what strategy has the advantage that will benefit the business. Discussing all the different information resources that can also manage the database used to organize the Club It information.
Lisa and Ruben’s mission is clarified: they offer a variety of music and drinks to cater to everyone’s lifestyle and want to build a community of friends and families that meet at the club regularly. Club IT is a terrific place to the physical eye; they are lacking the IT department. Lisa and Ruben have hired me to help give them a full analysis of their information needs. Club IT has a clientele of people from all over the world and of many age groups of single, married, male or female.   This people are looking for a fun place to listen to music and have fun or just eat and drink as they wait for the entertainment to start then as the night goes on.
Club IT uses an intranet system; this is a private network that the employees and the owners of the club can...