Club It Part One

Week Four Assignment: Club IT Part One
Axia College of University of Phoenix

ClubIT which is owned and operated by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada has emerged as the most current and forward-thinking night club to hit the downtown area. They have combined information technology with dancing, music, food and drink in an effort to bring music lovers and computer techies alike together in one space to create the ultimate information sharing experience. ClubIT has incorporated technology in every aspect of their business. They have an internet and intranet website in order to address information resource needs both internally and externally. Their public website offers a bird’s eye view of the nightclub and its offerings. Within their intranet site ClubIT links their data spreadsheets for information on sales, operating budgets, and inventory in addition to other employee resources. Although they have incorporated many different services on both internal and external web pages, there are still enhancements that could bring many improvements. As we discuss the various resources that ClubIT uses, useful suggestions on information technology will be provided.
Looking first at the current systems, ClubIT has a comprehensive website that provides sufficient information about how the nightclub was formed and it provides excellent background information on the owners. Their mission statement explains their desire to meet the needs of their customers and provide music and a welcoming environment through the latest technology available. The members plan to put their mission statement into action with the help of their educational backgrounds which were provided in the ClubIT biography or “About Us” section. Their mission statement could be expanded through an increased focus on the technology the plan to use to set the club apart from other nightclubs in the area. Including a small portion of that explanation would also bring the focus back to “IT” or information technology...