Club It; Part One

Club IT is a downtown music venue owned and managed by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada both of them has a degree in Business. Their mission for Club IT is to offer live music, DJ’s, space for dancing and food and drinks that suit the lifestyles of their clientele. They are trying to make a place where the community can meet regularly. To achieve this goal, Ruben and Lisa will need to implement a customer-orientation strategy that will promote long term customer relationships. Ascribing to a customer relationship- based methodology for a business demands a shift in the culture and a change in corporate attitude. There are three vital steps to a customer-orientation strategy: they empower your people; aligning organizational capabilities; and know your customers.
      Determining the customers’ needs and aligning your strategic business model will help to improve the customers’ experience. But all your efforts will fail if you do not empower your employees to provide excellent customer service at the time of contact. Employees, which are empowered, have the tools necessary to provide the best service in the industry. One way you can empower your employees would be to teach them basic business skills. When your employees can see the correlation between their own jobs and the company’s bottom line, they will be able to make better decisions that will allow them to improve the customer experience.
      Another way you could empower your employees would be to implement a customer-centric business management model. Each employee in one way or another adds or detracts from the customer experience whether he or she are in sales or marketing, support or customer relations, everyone in a company is responsible for making a business successful in providing the best products and services available. When the entire business understands what its goals and objectives are, it can then prioritize them to best fit the business strategy; they are then ready to provide the best...