Club It Part One Mission and Primary Clientele

The Club IT will be a leading, high-energy, theme dance and nightclub located in Downtown, Florida. Our goal is to provide college students with the finest nightclub experience with quality service at a sensible price. The atmosphere of high energy, light and sound systems mixed with interactive theme will give club goers outstanding entertainment. Our objective is to launch a brand of entertainment and overhaul that will computer generate instruction alternative. Club IT will launch a vocal and musician room for the client that has more musician talent. Based on our investigations not many businesses will compete against us, thus giving our product the upper hand in our market niche.
The Club Primary clientele will focus on the college student in the surrounding area. This technology that will be used will be electronic devices that will help to enhance the client musician career. There will be a state of the art recording studio.
The Club IT intranet will be very large resources for all the clients to use. The intranet will allow the client to find the different website for the music. The I- Phone, Livewire , Google and manager the music from different resources. The Club IT will have credit card to help each client assets their account. This will help so that each client will know want their have on the Club IT Credit card. This card will control the bar, food and the recording studio.
The IT department will be able to sat-up the equipment for the credit card. The IT department will oversee the Club layout. This will help so the owners have more time to focus on their client and everyday operations.