Club It Part 2

Concealed Weapons
Terry Wiggins

Craig Gilbert
October 26, 2009

Concealed Weapons
      Having a concealed weapon permit is a privilege and a right. With that there are those who oppose the civil right to bear arms. There are new legislations trying to be passed so the person with a CCW (concealed weapons permit) will have their name and address on a website for all eyes to see. It’s   my opinion that it is our constitutional right to bear arms and hold a CCW without everyone knowing about it.
      Why would people oppose the right to bear arms? The Brady Campaign is one of the largest opponents for gun control and acquiring a CCW. The Brady Campaign had an outside research facility called The Violence Policy Center do some research on the repercussions of having a CCW. VPC is a nonprofit educational organization that conducts research and public education on violence in America.   Their findings were eye opening with the amount of CCW holders having used their weapon to take another person’s life or their own.   The report showed the number of deaths from May 2007 through April 2009. “In that two year period a total of 56 people were slain. Of those 56 people seven of them were law enforcement and six of them are the shooters themselves who committed suicide before being arrested” (Violence policy center, 2009). With these findings the Brady Campaign is trying to make it harder to obtain a CCW.
      I know from firsthand experience that it is an easy process to acquire a CCW. Easy in the way that I haven’t been arrested or been convicted of a crime of domestic violence. It took me about four to five months to acquire my CCW. Because I live in Washington County, I had to go to the Washington County Sheriff’s office to find out what I needed to do so I could carry a handgun legally. The response I received was I needed to take a gun safety course and then bring back a certificate of completion of that safety course. This has to be...