Club It Part 1

CLUB IT Part 1.
      Club IT opens its doors to a new fast pace group of club goers and is on the cutting edge of technologies by offering the Club IT membership, a variety of music venues to suit any taste, extraordinary   food, cocktails, and dancing.   Club IT is the “it” place to be.
      As the newly hired IT intern commissioned by the owners to study and present an analysis of the club’s information needs, I begin my analysis by choosing the correct strategy needed to make the best choices.   A review of the latest profit statement reveals that the club does not have a large amount of reserves to pay for a full IT system and so I am suggesting a customer – orientation strategy that follows along the lines of the owner’s mission statement, “We, Ruben and Lisa, offer you live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT."   “During this new decade of service-oriented industry, a mastery of Customer Service can mean the difference between success and failure. The corporate trend of raising Customer Service is an art form, treating service as a product that needs to be learned inside and out, and marketing service to customers as vigorously as if it were a direct revenue producer.” (Strategic Planning Success – Sorrell Associates) Because the club is geared more toward the entertainment, food and beverage industry making the club more customer friendly will be the goal.
      Located in the heart of the revitalized Fox Plaza district, the club has the makings of becoming a first class entertainment center paralleled by the speakeasy and jazz clubs of the roaring twenties and thirties.   To better track customer behavior and music tastes Club IT’s new VIP membership program is sure to be a hit because the program features reward points for every dollar spent.   These reward points are tracked through the cash registers with every sale, the night of the sale,...