Club It Part 1

Club IT – Part 1
Club IT is the newest night club to hit the city. The owners, Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada, have studied and prepared every way they could to make this dream come alive. While completing their degrees in Business Administration, they supported themselves by working as musicians in local night clubs nearby. Not only did they gain the nightclub experience, they also gained the knowledge needed to back up their dream. This duo seems ready to take on this challenge and make their dream grow and come alive. Their mission is to “offer you live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle” (Club IT, 2010, ¶ 4).
The building used for Club IT was chosen and renovated by the owners in a way they felt would produce high energy and fun. The club is 6,000 square feet with tall ceilings, has high energy lighting, seating for 220, a kitchen for appetizers, a bar, and 600 square feet for dancing. The layout of the club allows the dance floor to be the center of attention. This way, even if you want to sit and take a break or chat with friends, you will still be part of the action.
The club offers a variety of music, from hip-hop and techno, to the top 40s. This variety will bring in a variety of clients; everyone from their 20’s to their 40’s would enjoy this club, and be the most likely clientele ages. The only thing that slightly confuses me is their list of monthly music genres. Does local bands in January mean that only local bands music will be played, and only in the month of January? I feel the club needs to broaden their monthly outlook, or perhaps go into more detail on their site. I feel the club should instead have daily or weekly genres. For instance, every Friday night will alternate between local bands and world DJs. Every Saturday night can alternate between hip-hop and San Francisco bands, and so on. The site should have a monthly calendar posted with the music information so clients will know when their favorite music day...