Club It Part I

Club IT, Part I
BIS/219 – Business Information Systems
June 10, 2010

Club   IT
Like most clubs, Club IT is an adult entertainment club that features both live and pre-recorded house music, a dancing venue and a mix of food and alcohol served inside the facility.   This club caters to adults both young and old, of legal drinking age.   The adults typically enjoy dancing and higher class food and drinks.   Most of the clientele prefer live music though some prefer the disc jockey who plays music off his MP3 player.   This is a needless expense to Club IT and there are a few additions and revisions that can be made to make the club one of the most successful businesses in the industry.

Club IT Resources
The owners assume every one of their employees are computer savvy enough to log into their intranet and pull down the information they need to educate themselves with the few computers offered by the Club IT.   If that is the method Club IT wishes to continue to use to disburse information, Club IT needs to provide their employees with additional training to ensure that all employees are able to use their intranet accordingly.
To most business standards, a few computers and a a router is primal in comparison to others’ technology.   Club IT is missing out on a few business opportunities to either generate additional revenue and other ventures that could bring in more customers for profit the club.   This additional profit would allow the club to expand their footprint into other ventures and expand the club overall which would bring in even more customers.   Innovation is the key to expansion.

Many companies would be years ahead of their competitors if they embraced innovation.   Technology itself changes almost instantly and on an extremely consistent basis.   Club IT is running house music when the disc jockey works off his MP3.   With today’s modern technology, Club IT could purchase their own MP3 player and put it on shuffle mode.   Additionally,...