Club It Part 1

Club IT

Club IT is a nightclub run by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada.   Ruben and Lisa are business savvy, and gain satisfaction from providing a fun and exciting place where people in the community can come together, enjoy good music, drinks, food, and each others company.   While being successful in creating ambiance and entertainment, they have come to realize they need to improve upon the utilization of their information resources and the ability to use information technology in enhancing the customer experience, and expand business potential.   Ruben and Lisa need help in implementing this new technology to improve costs, distinguishing their club from others, using various new innovations to enhance the customers experience, making the club’s   operations   more effective, and assisting the customer with information and services access.
Ruben and Lisa, the owners of Club IT, have created a mission of providing a fun, and exciting place where friends and family can come together and enjoy music, drinks, light food, and each others company.   Club IT provides a variety of live and recorded music, which attracts a large clientele.   They have included entertainment styles that reach a broad client base that will range from friends looking for a good time together, entertaining business clients, college students, visitors from out of town, or people looking to socialize and meet new people while enjoying a fun and energetic environment.
Club IT currently has an internal network that uses the Internet for a web page and various ordering and general operations.   The club has a generalized password of “clubit”, which is creative, but too generic for internal use.   Management understands information technology plays a critical role in running a successful business from ordering supplies, to making information about the club accessible for customers.   Ruben and Lisa also know that proper management of the clubs information resources from entry point to business...