Club It Part 1

ClubIT, Part 1


Pat Sullivan

ClubIT, Part 1

  Club IT’s mission is to provide a place with ‘live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments’ where people can hang out and enjoy themselves. Club IT’s primary clientele are an eclectic group ranging from those that “want to get out of the house” to the traditional “clubber”, and the typical customer base of Club IT are the young who are IT-savvy and consider convenience and efficiency because they are users of latest high tech tools such as the portable “smartphones” like the   Blackberry and IPhone.   Club IT can help to balance the needs of the company and the customer by providing needed Information Technology (IT).

  The IT department should be able to address the business problems which it experiences by conducting interviews with members of the organization and evaluating the information resources of Club. Information should be managed by using Application Software – programs that do specific tasks- within Information Systems (IS). Information Systems provide support for employees by providing office automation systems, automated product ordering, band scheduling, and ticket accountability, all of which will increase productivity of the employees.

  Other resources include a company website with info such as menu, type of music, and a map to increase awareness/ attract consumers. Also, an employee password protected intranet can be used to retrieve and share important employee information and to manage and track an individual’s tasks.

  Differentiation between other nightclubs can be achieved by using different strategies. One strategy is the use of technology. Because the typical Club IT’s customer is technologically savvy, the most benefit would be realized by replacing the outdated computer system with a more powerful, modern computer system with one like the HP Elite 7000 (www for around $750. For example, with the upgrade, the customers...