Club It Part 1

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Club IT

Crystal Robinson

BIS219 – Dennis Sage

University of Phoenix

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    The owners of Club IT mission is to “offer live music, DJ's, dance space, and refreshments, that suits the lifestyle of the patrons.   They view all their patrons as friends and seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT”.   So basically their mission is to provide the patrons of Club IT various forms of musical entertainment as well as a place for gathering with a family friendly atmosphere.   Club IT is open for social gatherings, private membership, and a place to unwind after a hard days work.

    Club IT is looking for varied clientele that enjoy different venues of music, social drinking, and people who are looking to build a group of friends looking for relaxation and fun.   These will be your business men and women, college students, and visitors from other places looking for a good time.

    It seems that the information technological resources for Club IT are limited to staff or employees.   They have information on their intranet that can only be viewed by employees with a login.   Club IT needs to first focus on customer satisfaction to get their business up and running to attract more clientele.   They should focus on their advertising about Club IT by designing a website for outside viewers.   This website should consist of where Club IT is located and explain that Club IT is located in an area that is free of crime but located near all kinds of public transportation.   They should also speak about available parking for those patrons who drive.

    The website should feature the characteristics of the Club atmosphere.   Announce that Club IT caters to the mature and age-appropriate crowd.   Explain that it is a place to meet and make new friends or even meeting that special person in your life.
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    The purpose of the website is to attract more visitors to Club IT, so explain that at Club...