Club It Part 1

Club IT Part One

Christopher Wright


September 18, 2010
Dr. Terry Wyatt

Club IT Part One

      Club IT is a nightclub opened by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada after completing their degrees in business administration in 2000. They based their operation on business principles they learned in their studies along with their experience as nightclub musicians and exposure to the scene. An extensive remodeling of Club IT has just concluded on the interior of the club and Ruben and Lisa are very excited with the results, but a businesses appearance is only part of the battle. They understand that they must invest in information resources and pursue different strategies for competitive advantages to give their club a competitive edge in the nightclub industry. Data management is also crucial to better enable their decision-making capabilities.
      Club IT’s mission statement is as follows:
      “We, Ruben and Lisa, offer you live music, DJs, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that regularly meets at Club IT.”   Their commitment to providing different styles of music throughout the calendar year allows music lovers of all types to enjoy the benefits of their establishment. With everything from Folk and Jazz to Hip-hop and Techno, it is apparent that they are targeting a wide range of clientele with a wide age range as well.
      The information listed currently on Club IT’s website supplies information to clientele regarding club food and drink menu, the schedule for types of music to be highlighted in any particular month, available Club IT merchandise, staff, and club floor plan. It also has a portal, Employee Information, where login is required. Here employees can view information such as year to date wages, sick leave and vacation accrual, personal, and emergency contact information. This portal also serves to keep employees abreast of upcoming events employee manuals,...