Club It Part 1

Club IT Mission and Clientele

Club IT mission is that Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada want to show their customers that they can have a good time at Club IT .   In Club IT you can come to hear live bands, and DJ’s.   There is also a collection of MP3 playlists. The Club’s managers want the customers to enjoy themselves on the dance floor as well. Club IT provides refreshments, and appetizers that suit the lifestyle of the customers and their friends. Ruben and Lisa seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT.
Club IT clientele would be the active Club members that visit the club on a regular basis. The members are the clients that have access to the Club website. On the website they can purchase merchandise, see details of the menu and see the club layout. The clientele helps makes the club and that where all the profits come from. Without the clientele Club IT wouldn’t have a chance of staying open throughout the year. It depends on the customers too that makes Club IT what it is today.

The Functional Areas
Club IT functional areas of the company consist of Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting, Operations. Human Resources organize the overall policies and procedures of the company. This department handles the training of all employees and the business development of the company. The marketing department handles the customer’s interest with the company. Club IT builds strong relationships with their customers and creates values for them. This department also targets on the satisfaction of the club. It proposes the needs and wants of the customers and satisfy their desires to come visit. Accounting