Classic Airlines

Classic Airlines PSS #4

  1. What are some possible solutions for CA?

    • Follow up on the potential alliance with Skyway Airlines and their global reach;   benchmark Nordstrom for their customer service.

    • Don’t   just focus on repeat buyers; value all customers well and develop long relationships and expand the customer base

    • Reposition senior management; possibly use their expertise in another area of the company

    • Upgrade the CRM to merge it with another system so it will be more effective with pricing

    • Current CRM is capable of doing more; revisit the current CRM system and make it do what it potentially can do.

    • Benchmark the CRM potential and how it has worked well for other companies

    • Develop a unified mission or goal; some of the executives think in wildly divergent ways.

  2. What are your assumptions and constraints? Can you let them go?

    • Board might be a constraint; might not accept all of Kevin’s marketing ideas with the cost reduction mandate

    • Union is a constraint cuz they will want the maximum for ees

    • Revamping the CRM does not guarantee that customers will stay; this is an assumption

    • Not including the right options in the Classic Rewards programs can be a constraint

    • That the 15% Percent cost reduction can hamper relations and cause a problem with ee morale; this is an assumption; this cost a reduction is a short term solution


  3. What are some best case solutions?

  Number one: Develop a new strategic plan and a strong suit of business goals.   Senior management will be informed of all changes of the existing plan and will have the opportunity to assess all future goals. Risk= Developing a new strategic plan and realigning business goals may put Classic Airlines at risk of losing employees because of the new direction the company is heading in.loose good ees, even senior management; they may not like the new direction. Mitigate an...