Classic Airlines

Classic Airlines 2

                        Introduction to Classic Airlines

Classic Airlines faces many challenges in today’s competitive airline industry.   As the fifth largest airlines, Classic Airlines has suffered a decline in sales and market shares due to customer dissatisfaction and intense competition.   Membership in the rewards program started to decline and employee morale was at it lowest.   Classic’s Board of Directors mandated a 15 percent cost reduction across the board to eliminate any further financial crisis.   With the cost reduction, increasing the frequent flier mileage program is still Classic Airlines’ focus in repairing the airlines.   It is essential for Classic Airlines to boost the morale within its employees so customers are provided with the up most customer satisfaction.   Expanding the Customer Relationship Management Program will increase bound between customers and the airlines.  

        Current Situation at Classic Airlines
Classic Airlines is facing several factors that calls for some major restructuring and teamwork that will hold the industry together.   Classic Airlines has lost a sense of the importance of customer service and is dealing with a 19% drop in rewards members and a 21% decrease in travel for current members.   Classic Airlines is facing declining customer confidence and they must find a way to reconnect with their customers.  
Along with poor customer relations and weak marketing strategies, Classic Airlines is faced with several other factors that may be out of their control.   The airlines,
Classic Airlines 3

like many others, try to pull themselves out of the negative effects of 9/11.   Rising fuel and labor cost are contributing to the downturn the airlines is experiencing.  
The CEO, Amanda Miller realizes the challenges Classic Airlines is faced with,   she and other team leaders strategize ways to rebuild Classic Airlines.   Effective marketing strategies will increase...