Classic Airlines

Marketing at Classic Airlines
  MKT 571
February 3, 2008
Marketing at Classic Airlines
The financial issues that the company is having are also impacting employees, with morale at an all time low. The company’s customer relationship management system is impacting not only the employees but consumers. The current system was created as a cost cutter to reduce productivity time between the employees and consumers. This system did not give the consumers the satisfaction of a great customer service plan. Increasing marketing strategies and giving customers what they are asking for may bring those customers back that have left the company and attract new customers.
Plan of Action
The company must implement a plan to build relationships with the consumers for retention and recruitment. Classic Airlines will need to analyze the customer feedback to concentrate on implementing plans to better the company. The company needs to find a low cost way to get ahead of its competitors to meet their financial goals and increase stock sales. Looking at customer and employees needs will help the company make new and innovative ways to gain their customer base.
In conclusion, Classic Airlines was faced with the major challenges to include rising fuel costs and consumers trying to cut back on major expenses. Like many companies in today’s society, cutting costs and introducing specials are actually bringing consumers in. Announcing these specials can aide in gaining the old customer base and the new customer base.
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