Classic Airline Marketing Solution

• Analyze the current situation at Classic Airlines.
• Consider the internal and external pressures contributing to Classic’s current crisis, the objectives and obstacles of the marketing department, and the marketing resources available to resolve this crisis.
• Choose a problem solving method to solve Classic Airline’s marketing problem. You must identify and define the problem, and apply a robust problem-solving process.   Involved in this problem solving process should be the development of SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely) goals for solving the problem and the benchmarking of potential marketing solutions utilized by other companies facing a similar situation.
• Create a list of at least two potential marketing recommendations for Classic Airlines and provide justification for each marketing solution
• Write a 2,150- to 3,500-word paper.
• Format your paper according to APA standards.

“The message from the moon … is that no problem need be considered insolvable” (Norman Cousins). This paper will examine the nine-step problem solving process through an analysis of Classic Airlines. The nine steps begin with step 1. Describe the situation which involves identifying the key concepts, issues and opportunities, stakeholder perspective and ethical dilemmas. Step2 Frame the right problem requires that the right problem be broadly stated so many possibilities can be examined. Describe the end state goals is step 3. In this step Classic Airline will know it has become what it wants to become. Step 4 identify the alternatives   and benchmarking validation allow classic airline the opportunity to look at other companies and develop techniques that will help it overcome weaknesses and implement best practices for those areas. Step 5 evaluate the alternatives lets classic examine and judge carefully between two or more possibilities. Once these choices have been made, step 6 identify and assess risks allows classic airlines to look at...