Classic Airlines Marketing Concepts

Classic Airlines Marketing Concepts
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Classic Airlines
Marketing Concepts
Marketing concepts are imperative for Classic to understand and consider when determining a strategy that is appropriate to circumvent the current circumstances of the airline. Of the various philosophies, Classic should first contemplate the following concepts as they relate to their industry and the need to rescue their customer base: the selling concept, marketing concept, and the holistic marketing concept. As traveling is a service oriented business, marketing concepts directed toward products and production hold a little less weight. Although they are not the direct target for the Classic team under these circumstances, the team must understand all marketing concepts when developing a properresolution.
Selling Concept. The selling concept is a philosophy of “selling more stuff to more people more often for more money in order to make more profit” (Kolter, 2006, p. 15). The concept is fitting for airlines as they are an industry selling products and services that consumers do not purchase on a regular basis.
Holistic Marketing Concept. The holistic philosophy is relatively new in the arena of marketing practices. Companies that employ this concept assent to a group of philosophies based on various factors, all of which intertwine to promote a product or service. Holistic marketing encompasses the four components: relationship marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing, and social responsibility marketing. This concept recognizes that each factor is equally necessary to achieve a desired result.
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