Classic Airlines

      In the case study of Classic Airlines (CA), this paper will attempt to use a problem-solving model to solve CA marketing problem.   After taking into account the internal and external pressures contributing to CA current crisis, the new objective to implement a strategic market plan to resolve its current conflict is brought to light.   Furthermore, potential issues of implementation are also considered to ensure a flawless implementation of the new strategic plan.   The paper will also highlight that implementation of an improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plan is expected to significantly improve the profitability of the organization.   Successful implementation requires effective leadership, targeting market group, realizing shared vision among stakeholders and appropriate delivery strategies.
      By implementing the 9-Step problem Solving Model, Classic Airlines may uncover numerous opportunities.   It serves as a valuable tool for major corporations; it identifies the problem, plans the solutions, displays ethical dilemmas, and the measures it may need to correct ensuing issues.   The Nine Step Process is as follows: Step 1) Identify the problem- know what the problem is.   Step 2) Define the problem- characterize its capacity.   Step 3) Illustrate the end-state goals- avenues used to measuring success. Step 4) Identify alternative solutions.   Step 5) Evaluate alternatives- select the most feasible alternative. Step 6) assess the risk-determine the chosen solution. Step 7) makes decision- ultimately select the best solution. Step 8) implement plan- apply the best solution.   Step 9) evaluate the results- determine the success of the solution, and the end-state goals.
      According to the text Classic Airlines is one of the worlds largest, and most prestigious airlines. Since Classics inception 25 years ago, the company has blossomed into an international force earning the title of the fifth largest amongst all active Airlines in the...