Classic Airlines


Classic Airlines and Marketing

University of Phoenix
Heidi Kelley
January 24, 2010

Classic Airlines and Marketing
      Marketing concepts are used to attract and retain customers.  Marketing is more than just the process of selling a product or service. Marketing is an essential part of business, and without marketing, even the best products and services fail. Classic Airlines appears to be profitable. However, through recent years due to the increase costs and reduced consumer confidence. They have been experiencing a decrease, which has put a strain on the organizations success.

      Marketing is a key factor to business success. The marketing function consists of the production and distribution of products and services, but it also is concerned with the ethical and social responsibility functions.   The concept of marketing relies upon marketing research to define market segments, their size, and their needs. In order to make accurate decisions, you have to make sure you have a marketing plan implemented and at the same time try to satisfy, the customer needs.   The marketing mix consists of product planning, pricing, branding, distribution channels, personal selling, advertising, promotions, packaging, display, servicing, physical handling, and fact finding and analysis. With this group of ingredients, the four P’s are considered the parameters that the marketing managers can control, subject to the internal and external constraints of the marketing environment. The goal is to make decisions that center the four P's on the customers in the target market in order to create perceived value and generate a positive response. (Net MBA, 2002-2007)

      Classic Airlines faces numerous challenges one being to increase passenger activity. In doing this Classic need to reward its current customers and then entice potential customers. To do this Classic has to develop a...