Children Stlv2

A, Explain how children’s and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors.

Children’s development can be affected in many different ways, they could be suffering with poor health or a form of physical disability/ impairment, this will affect their physical development but also their personal skills, life skills and social skills. If a child is unable to interact with other child due to the disability/ impairment they will not learn how to be social, they won’t know how to interact with other children their age. Children how find it hard at this early stage will struggle in later life. Also a child that is struggling with learning difficulties may also struggle with these simple skills, these children should be encourage to take part in class actives to build their confidence.

B, Explain how children’s and young people’s development is influenced by a range of external factors.

Children all come from different backgrounds, they all come from different cultural backgrounds, environments. A child could be emotional and struggling in school if their mum/dad find a new partner to live with, on top of this they then could have a new brother or sister to add into the mix, a child at the time may be fine with the parents but they struggle to talk to them about all the changes that have happened. Emotional and intellectual development could be affected with all the changes that are going on in the childs life, children need to know they are heard and their opinion is taken into account.

Another factor that could affect a child’s development could be the amount of money a family has, poverty and deprivation is out. I feel that a child that is allowed to take every opportunity that a school can bring them will be better off than a child that comes from a deprived background as they are feel that their parents are unable to give them everything they need and are less likely to thrive, which in turn leads into impacting all areas of the...