Street Children

The issue of street children in Latin America has just about gone too long and as the time passes it isn't getting any better. The matter is just getting worse. If the problem is not solved soon, then it will never be able to get fixed. For there is already an estimate of forty million street children trying to make a living on their own. The majority of them are not able to make it on their own though.
. There are a lot of causes for so many street children. You would think they are all forced to become street children, but as weird as it sounds there are those who choose this way of life. Reasons they would want to leave their own home are because they are mistreated at home, like being physical and sexual abused or talked to very wrong, and feel they don't receive the love they deserve. Or when they have huge fights at home and need to get away from it all, they runaway. Also, when kids lose their parents or their home and have no where else to go to. Now one of the biggest causes for having street children is being too poor, not being able to make the bills, can't afford the house and necessary items to live, and simply losing their jobs. Then with urbanization and overcrowding the situation just gets worse. The income gap Latin America has is just too big.
It is all just to sad. But the worst is to come, for the effects of all these street children are all bad. The once innocent children have no choice but to become criminals on their own. They have to make a living by all means possible even if it means to rob and some even go all the way out and get to the point where they'll do whatever it takes to get money, no matter how many people they have to kill along the way. We can't blame it all on them though because being in their positions, they have no other choice. Then many will take up whatever job it is to make money. Whether it's selling drugs or having to do prostitution. Another horrible outcome for the street children is the exploitation and...