Effects of Divorce on Children

Research Paper – Affects of Divorce on Children
Christina Lopez
EDU: 490
Daisha Oshiro
November 9, 2009

        I. Introduction
      II. Social and Emotional Learning
      III. Divorce and Moral Development
      IV. Effects of divorce on children and their education
              a. Impacts - Harmful factors of divorce
              b. Is divorce damaging
        V. Myths about divorce
      VI. Parenting after divorce
      VII. How schools cope with children affected by divorce
    VIII. Conclusion
      Within this paper the topic at hand is divorce and how it affects children and students. How do students cope with such a traumatic event in their life? School is hard enough as it is and now on top of that they have to deal with problems going on at home between their parents. That is something children should not have to encounter. However, there are times where divorce is the right thing to do, but that does not mean it is easy for children. Children are used to having both parents in the house and now it is time to figure out how to cope, restructure, and manage with only one parent at home and the other only seen occasionally. The writer tries to do her best at exploring all the areas that deal with the affects of divorce on children, whether good or bad, and how students and even the schools cope.

The Affects of Divorce on Children
      There are many things that effect children and students today. It is important for us to understand the world of students and children in order to figure out how we can help them to better themselves and their education. One area that the writer would like to explore deeper into is the effect divorce has on children and their education. Divorce is no laughing matter and is not an easy subject to deal with for anyone, no matter their age. Within this paper the writer would like to delve into the aspects of divorce and how it relates to children and their education along with how...