Children Books

Children these days seem to grow up in a fairytale fantasy world. They grow up with the facts that their parents love them, everyone is happy and that Santa Claus is real. A lot of it comes from oral tradition, but a greater deal of their knowledge of the outside world comes from story books. These book are always happy and everything is eventually resolved. If there is an evil character they are always murdered in the end. They deserve it though right?
This teaches children that the world is black and white, good and bad... and the bad deserve to die. As Gandalf the grey once said "Even the very wise cannot see all ends."
The point is that children are sheltered from the world by stories, only to realize that the world sucks. No wonder children snap in their teens as they begin to learn that life is not fair at all, and the good don’t always win. They also learn to make judgments on people without considering all the facts. For instance: The gingerbread lady is evil and deserved to be burned in an oven. What sort of faith does this story put in rehabilitation within the justice system?
You know what I think we should do? We shouldn’t keep things from our children until we deem them able to handle the truths of the real world. This can really only serve to protect them in life. Why do you think kids jump into cars with adults for candy? It's because they have not been told about the evil that is mankind.
That's what the world is really like, why tell your children about the clouds being made of fairy floss and the moon tastes like a cookie. All you're doing is setting them up for failure... if they are told about the bad things, at least if their life sucks then they expected it. If they do manage to live a life witnessing the evils of life then they are the luckiest person alive.
Deep down somewhere you agree with me.