How to Socialize Children

How children are socialized today determines the destiny of society
As with the ever increasing need of interpersonal cooperation, we see relatively poor the overall ability of socialization on the younger generation. As the way children are socialized largely determines the destiny of the society, the education system should be aware of the situation. This essay will stress its analysis on the formal education.

Socialization of the younger generation, broadly defined as the process in which they compare and learn the behavioral patterns of their ancestors and their contemporaries, plays a role of great significance in the system of education. As the society itself is a network of human relations, the children’s learning how to deal with people, while in the process placing themselves in the society, will naturally brighten the future of the society. Bearing harsh reprimands from the economists and corporate managers, that MBA education teaches the students nothing but the content of an antiquated casebook, nevertheless, both the course and its master degree is in high demand, which is only a demand of excellencies in interpersonal relationships. Not only the business world needs people good at socializing, but also every corner of the world filled with human activities, with no expectance even to the most tiresome field of science, as it requires the cooperation of scientists and research assistants.

To our great disappointment, in the circumstance of insufficiencies of the socializing educations provided by parents alone, the system of formal education is not truly aware of importance of socialization. As a wide acceptance that only a broad range of scientific knowledge will not lead to the success of a Nobel-Prize winner, education is also inadequate to the students if containing merely courses of science. To emphasize this point, a wide range incidents and evidences will do, for example, the gunshot case consists of a Korean student, alienated by his...