Why do I want to become a chef?

Chef is a person who cooks professionally for other people that why I want to be a chef because I like cooking and I feel so happy when other people try or eat my food and said this is "the best food"

When I was 16 year old, I saw a famous professional chef in Korea. In his restaurant has a lot of customers were sitting in there and waiting his food. I was so fun and I told myself that it is my career that I want to be in the future. I like to cook and like to make a new food for my family, my friends and other people and I also welcome the feedback from them for improve my cooking skills. After, I started to work at Hotel every weekends. That time I was interesting in everything about the materials,cooking and I also met new people and got a new experience. While I worked at Hotel, a header chef asked me “Why don't you work here for a full time?” but that time I was a high school student and I have to study full time. I prefer to work in the hotel after I graduated college. On holiday, I also learn more about technic and solution that can use in cooking until I got five certificates from Korea Technical Qualification Testing Institute. After I finished high school I continued to study more about cooking at College in Hotel Culinary arts major. While I study college I went to work in a restaurant to find a new experience and find how different between hotel and restaurant and which place I would like to work in the future. Then, I can answer by myself that I prefer to work in the Hotel. After I graduated College I think if I just work in Korea I will not become an international or can work   in other countries. So I came to Singapore to study English and continue doing my dream and looking for a college to study more in cooking skills and I also looking forward to work in Singapore that will make me become more professional chef because Singapore has a lot of people from many countries are staying here to going on their works or...