Becoming a Chef

i was at college today and been ask if i could write an essay about cooking.. so here you go:

Choosing cooking as your carrier. Becoming a chef.

I always wanted to be passionate about what I do. I wanted to be able to get through challenges; I wanted to do what I really like to do. 7 years ago I started my catering experience.

I started working as part of waiting on team. Carrying plates wasn’t my favourite thing, in fact I never liked it, but it was one of the ways to get in to the kitchen. After waiting on for over a year I decided to go inside and learn how to cook. I liked cooking at home since I was little but never get a chance to work in the “proper” kitchen.

It was hard, I think every beginning is hard in whatever you want to do or achieve. Becoming a chef was harder. After around two years of experiencing kitchens there is a time that you start to think if you really want to cook. If you’re strong enough you will overcome it and hopefully it will never get back to you. You need to understand that there is no job like it. You may say – you can tell that about any other job. Yes, but there is no other so intense, so unforgiving, so stressful and so hard.
There are basic skills needed even before you start to learn how to cook. They are – being organized, never give up, there is always something to do, and finally – willingness to learn and experience. With time you get more - learn how to be less forward and then push forward.

The most important factor about being a chef – you cannot cook and not like it. Cooking it’s not work, It’s a state of art. You won’t become a good chef if you won’t listen to your head chef, mentor etc. If you want to cook remember to be happy. There are so many people around the world with so many different cuisines that it’s simply impossible to learn how to cook everything. That’s another thing that makes it more exciting.

Chef – that is the title to be proud of, it feel’s that way also. The better you are, more...