My Personal Statement

I once heard a man say, “how   will you know how to get up if you never fallen before?” There have been times where I have fallen but I couldn’t recover from the things that affected my life. But now when I go down that same road I am able to overcome that obstacle, and when I do it, I bounce back stronger and determined as ever, because nothing can stop me from achieving my dream in becoming a video game designer.
My determination will help me achieve my goal. Determination will help me go to the far. I found out about my career the day I talked to my aunt about what I wanted to be. I told her that I wanted to be a chef. But she told me that is not what I wanted to do. She said what I wanted to be video game designer. I think that becoming a video game designer will be a great career for me, because it is what I love to do and one thing that I enjoy doing. I am talented with analyzing games and drawing. My favorite classes are math and art. When it comes my way, and I will stay that way for the rest of my life.
There have been times in my life where I just wanted to give up and just stop coming to school, and live a carefree life. I talked to my older brother about school, and he said, “How can you live a care of you carefree life with no money, our parents can’t take care of you your whole life. So, you should stay in school, do well and get a good career.” Ever since then that triggered something that thirst me to want to learn more. This for learning will boost me up and give me the ambition to get where I want to go. I can show it by the way my grades look now. But now they look way better.
I will become a video game designer no matter what the cost. Nothing else would slow me down, because I will do the impossible to get where I have go, because, any obstacle that jumps in my way I will jump higher than it jumped in my way.