Charm Report

Popular Charm Results.

Over the space of a week (from the 7th of November to the 13th) I will record the sales of the top ten most popular charms. Charms are our most popular piece of jewellery so I chose to test these as it will produce the best results. I will show my results in the form of a pie and a bar chart. I will then analyze the results to find out the most popular charm in this week. I will also look at the data to determine the difference between the sales of each charm.

I predict that on average the charms will all sell about the same, I think this because I believe all these charms are as popular as each other.   If anything I think that the cheaper charms may sell better because the week I’m doing my experiment is in November and people may be starting to save for Christmas.
790635= 2 to 790488= 12
12-2 = 10


As I predicted one of the lower priced charms (790448 £30) Was the highest seller. It is a charm that is fairly plain so therefore it will match with every bracelet which makes it accessible to everyone. The low price point also means that it makes a perfect present for almost every budget. It is the lowest priced charm out of all of the charms so I think this is why it sold the most.
The second most popular charm was (790417 £40) This charm is also a good price and appeals to Pandoras target market 18-50 year olds. This charm is a cupcake charm it is therefore a very popular purchase for customers who are buying birthday gifts.