Contemporary Aesthetics Report Hnc Beauty

Contemporary Aesthetics Report
By Kirsty Murdoch

Introduction – Page 3
Body Bronzing – Page 3-6
Eyelash Perming – Page 7-8
Nail Art – Page 8-10
Conclusion – Page 11
Bibliography – Page 11

In this unit I will be learning about the different variety of contemporary aesthetic treatments that are currently within the Beauty Therapy industry. In this report I will be researching three main treatments these will be; Body Bronzing, Eyelash Perming and Nail Art. I will be discussing the purpose for getting the treatment, the materials, products and equipment that are popularly used in salons as well as those I have used within the college and also aftercare and homecare.
Body Bronzing
Body bronzing products create a healthy, natural tanned appearance without the harmful effects of UV. There are many types of body bronzing products, some are instant and some that are developing for up to 8 hours. The effects are temporary and as the dead skin cells shed, so does the tan or in the use of instant tan it can be washed off with hot soapy water. Some of the reasons for getting this treatment can be to boost the client’s self-esteem and to make them feel good. Other reasons for client’s getting the treatment may be if they are attending a special occasion or even a night out. There are different types of tan; tinted which has and immediate effect and requires no developing time and washes of with hot soapy water, developing   and spray tan                                     take up to 8 hours or ideally over night to develop and                                         both can last 5-7 days.

Materials, Products and Equipment
Spray Tanning:
  * Towel for client to stand on.
  * Sticky pads for feet.
  * Percentage of tan the client has chosen.
  * Barrier cream for any dry areas on client (knees, elbows, ankles).
  * Spray tanning machine.
  * Advise the client to wear dark underwear.
Developing Tan:
  * Clean plinth for...