Nokia Report



                            Group Project
                            Marketing Planning

                            Aastha (08PGHR01)

                            Sakshi Sehgal (08PGHR02)

                            Ajeeta Kahale (08PGHR03)

                            Amit Arora (08PGHR04)

                            Amit Sanghvi (08PGHR05)

Word Count: 1940


The project report studies Nokia's marketing strategies and consumer behavior as the No1 player in mobile headset in India as well as the world. The focus is on Nokia in the Indian market. In the past one decade, Nokia has emerged as one of the most recognized brands in India, surpassing some of the Indian business conglomerates in terms of revenues. It was awarded as “MOST TRUSTED BRAND” by Brand Equity in the year 2008.

The mobile sector has grown from around 10 million subscribers in 2002 to reach 150 million by early 2007 registering an average growth of over 90% YOY. The two major reasons that have fuelled this growth are low tariffs coupled with falling handset prices. In recent time India has surpassed China in terms of number of new connections that is being added yearly. The other reason that has tremendously helped the telecom Industry is the regulatory changes and reforms that have been pushed for last 10 years by successive Indian governments. According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) the rate of market expansion would increase with further regulatory and structural reforms. Even though the fixed line market share has been dropping consistently, the overall (fixed and mobile) subscriber has risen to more than 200 million by first quarter of 2007. The telecom reforms have allowed the foreign telecommunication companies to enter Indian market which has still got huge potential. International telecom companies like Vodafone have made entry into Indian market in a big way. Currently the Indian...